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Body2Soul Salon

Anna Walker
Owner-Stylist-Beauty Life Coach

Anna Walker is originally from San Antonio, Texas and currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. At an early age, Anna dreamed of becoming a hair stylist and salon owner. Initial training began with every doll in the toy chest. Anna moved to styling dolls hair to anyone who sat still long enough. Anna’s passion for the beauty industry led to her attending technical school as she simultaneously completed during her high school education.

At age 18, Anna became a licensed stylist through the Virginia State Board of Cosmology and immediately began building clientele. A constant in Anna’s career has always been education which led to multiple certifications and partnering with Head Shape Matters & Davines. Anna is also a trained Life Coach from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Institute. Anna continues to attend educational workshops and seminars throughout the United States.

In 2009, Anna opened the doors to her own business, BODY2SOUL. The business is driven by Anna’s desire to transform the lives of others by freely sharing her knowledge with, industry professionals and most importantly her clients. Anna has learned while being in the beauty industry; that beauty is not only a part of your image but a reflection that you should feel beautiful.


BODY2SOUL was started in 2009 with a vision of being a sustainable salon. We care about the planet we share, and offer you the invitation to share your beauty with us, while being effortlessly accountable. BODY2SOUL recycles, all our foils, color tubes, paper, and plastic during your visit. We also re-purpose your hair clippings from your haircut, to clean up oil spills, and chemical spills. Unused chemicals from your chemical services, don’t go down a drain to harm water supply systems.

We also pride ourselves in caring color & hair care lines that are properly aligned with our vision. Not only do we have a responsibility to our community, but we also have a responsibility while creating beauty with you. Beauty with a purpose to care & nurture all things beautiful. That nurturing we do it, as a service to you, and a reflection to what is important to us! Let’s be a part of this together! BODY2SOUL likes to help you be green effortlessly.

Imagine, if no one recycled or gave any thought of all the chemicals that are being wasted by salons and dumped down the drain. Imagine, how the world would be 20 years from now if we continued down that path. By not caring about the planet we share, we in a sense are not caring about ourselves. It is time to recycle for our family, loved ones, & yourself! Chose BODY2SOUL as a salon to do business with. You have our promise that we will be a salon that makes the Earth as beautiful as we make you.

The Best Salon
2017 Winner

Opened in 2009, BODY2SOUL is redefining what it means to be a sustainable salon. Not only do they provide quality haircuts and styling at competitive prices, they recycle foils, color tubes, plastic and paper, and even repurpose hair clippings to clean up chemical spills. Talk about beauty for a great cause.

BODY2SOUL SALON We make the Earth Beautiful as we make you.